Rappin’ About Legal Agreements and Requirements

Yo, listen up, I got the 411
On legal stuff, it’s just for fun
Army rangers and their running requirements
Gotta be strong, gotta be swift, gotta be super, ain’t no myth
Business purchase agreements, template’s free to grab
Legal jargon, gotta be sharp, gotta be savvy, gotta be on the map
The US, Canada, Mexico deal, it’s the real deal
Legal implications, got no time to steal

Legal HD, Manchester’s the place to be
Expert services, legal ease, just let it be
Chase arbitration, know your rights
2021, it’s no time for fights
Simple rental leases, GA’s got your back
Legal templates, fill in the gaps

UPS reached an agreement, legal updates in the mix
No time to stall, no time for tricks
Daniel’s law, what’s it all about
Legal knowledge, gotta find out
AMU dean’s list, requirements and more
Gotta shine bright, gotta soar

IP laws in Oz, protecting what’s yours
Intellectual property, gotta secure, gotta ensure
Legal talk, legal walk, it’s all up in the air
Agreements, requirements, gotta show that you care

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