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What is DMCA?

DMCA is an abbreviation for “The Digital Millennium Copyright Act” is the law which was passed by United States Congress and it was signed by Ex US President. This law provides protection to all the copyright owners by protecting their materials which is published online. This law provides protection against plagiarism with their defined procedures to act against the copyright infringement. Whoever violates this law, they are sent proper notice to take down the materials which they have acquired by the means of unauthorized access to the copyrighted material. Or can directly be taken down by the cyber law enforcement agencies. This is just an overview of the law. To get detailed overview of the law, you must explore the internet.

Our Commitments To DMCA

While creating this website, we have been going through the the online applicable laws provided by DMCA to protect the copyright owners. We highly appreciate this law as it provides protection to those who have strived and worked hard to create their copyright material. We believe in creativity of content creators, innovation and new ideas but all this without damaging the intellectual property of copyright owners. We hereby reaffirm our commitment to uphold all the rules and regulations mentioned by The Digital and Millennium Act. We will comply with DMCA during our digital presence.

Contact Information

We are always there to respond to any queries also if these are related to any infringement. Please send the notice to the following email address, hope that you will allow us sometime (i.e. 24 hours) to resolve the matter or get back to you.

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