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Application NamePicsArt MOD APK
PublisherPicsArt Inc
System RequirementAndroid 6 or Plus
File Size80.50 MB
Last Updated14th Feb, 2024


Most of the photo editing applications out there come at a hefty price to access their premium features. However, why to wait any longer? Download the latest gold unlocked version of PicsArt MOD APK right now to indulge in a hassle-free and remarkable photo editing experience. Unlock all arrays of premium features that are absolutely free of cost with this application. Do not miss out this opportunity for the enhancement of your photo editing skills without spending a penny.

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Checkout The List Of Functions & The Installation Guide For PicsArt MOD APK. And Much More.

Greetings, dear visitors! I trust that life is treating you marvelously. Allow me to arouse your interest in the world of entrepreneurship by digging into the field of photo editing. If you are inclined towards artistry, then you have reached the perfect place. Don’t look away, because we present to you the charming application known as PicsArt. With an attractive array of premium features fitted for photo editing, this tool promises to elevate your creative endeavors. Do not hesitate, even if you are new to this application, as PicsArt offers a user friendly interface that allows you to easily harness these advantageous perks and enhance your set of photographical skills on PicsArt Mod APK.

You will achieve best results using a variety of free clip collections, custom made stickers, animations, and drawing tools. In addition, this application is considered the best photo editor in the Android World. It gives you advanced control over your raw photos, which is usually found only in computer software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and many others.

PicsArt Gold Unlocked Version (PicsArt MOD APK) is the perfect choice for you as it offers top-notch editing features. Even if you are using an affordable or cheap device to take photos and videos. It can enhance the photo quality instantly, and you would not even realize that you took that particular image with a basic phone.

Download PicsArt MOD APK With Us

More About PicsArt MOD APK Application

  • Application was developed by PicsArt,Inc.
  • PicsArt Headquarter in United States as per data of 2021.
  • There are 11.8 million application reviews.
  • One Billion plus downloads.
  • 150 Million plus monthly users.

PicsArt MOD APK is versatile photo editing application which offers a wide range of features. After downloading this renowned photo editor application, you can fulfill multiple tasks. In addition, it is highly regarded as “The Editing App on The Top of The List”. In its most recent updates, PicsArt has moved things to the next level by introducing a multitude of editing features and options.

PicsArt MOD APK is an outstanding application which offers huge list of free templates and editing options for photos and as well as for the videos. It provides dedicated features for creating collage images, to remove backgrounds, to apply FX effects, and offers impressive retouching choices for the photos. Moreover, users will appreciate the absence of frequent advertisements within the application which will result in a pleasant user overall experience. In short, the user experience of PicsArt is highly satisfactory.

In the application’s interface you will have the access to a multiple options. Let’s start from the homepage, from which you can explore feeds of image collections from which you can gather the inspiration for your next project. Additionally, in this section, you will be able to access conveniently and view your favorite works from a curated list. To start a project from scratch, simply press the “+ / plus” button and begin building your creation.

Furthermore, to make it even more attractive it offers a section for the editing challenges in which you can participate. This will not only enhance your photographical skills but also it will allow you to engage with the vibrant in-app social community. This community of skillful people provide reliable guidance on how to tackle these challenges effortlessly. This unique experience sets PicsArt apart from other editing tools. Moreover, by showcasing your creative abilities, you can also expand and grow your account within the platform.

What is MOD APK? Difference between Simple APK & PicsArt Mod APK?


  • APK stands for “Application Package File.”
  • This is the original & unmodified version of an Android application which is downloaded from the official play Stores or any other sole creator of that specific application.
  • Simple APK is developed and released by the official application developers.
  • Simple APK contains standard features, functions, and content the provided by application developer.
  • Simple APKs are mostly distributed for free or available for purchase through official app store.
  • Users can download and install simple APKs directly onto their Android devices but you have always to pay to purchase the premium features.


  • Mod APK means “Modified Application Package File.”
  • This is a modified version of an Android application which is created by any third party developer and not by the original application developer.
  • Mod APKs are altered to include additional features, content, or functionalities that are not present in the original version.
  • These modifications may include the unlocked premium features, unlimited in-app resources, removal of advertisements or any other alterations made by MOD developers.
  • Mod APKs are mostly published by the unofficial sources or website. These are never available on official app stores like the official play store.
  • To install the mod APKs it will involve enabling third party application installations in device settings and manually installing the modified APK file.

What Does PicsArt MOD APK Include?

PicsArt MOD is an enhanced version of the aforementioned application that increases the possibilities beyond the limitations of the normal APK version. It unlocks a range of additional functions for editing purpose. Moreover, you can have the VIP access to all its assets without spending money to purchase a premium plan. You can enjoy the impressive features with any investment.

Following this, you do not have to watch ads (advertisements) to unlock the resources, and you can seamlessly focus on your work. Photo editing and video editing is a hectic task which cannot afford distraction, right? So, downloading the PicsArt Mod APK becomes a great choice for full-fledged editors.

By acquiring the most recent edition of PicsArt MOD APK (Gold Unlocked version), you will unleash the full potential to show your creativity in the territory of photos and videos editing. You will be able to produce seamless outcomes of a professional caliber. Users can confidently demonstrate their creations globally. Moreover, users can gain access to an extensive repository brimming with an abundant assortment of fonts, stickers, frames, and collages, amplifying your creative options.

Enhancing visual content easily with the adaptability to retouch the the photos and videos so that it can meet your specific requirements. Explore the exceptional features available upon downloading PicsArt Gold APK on your phone.

  • Ad-Free Experience – Say Goodbye to Advertisements.
  • Premium Asset Access – Gain Wealth of Exclusive Resources.
  • Watermark-Free Creations – Eliminate watermarks from your designs completely.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy The Best and Easy to use interface.
  • Embrace the power of PicsArt MOD APK (Gold Unlocked – Premium Version) and unleash your creative skills without any hindrance.

What is Watermark?

Watermark is a visible small logo, design or icon that is overlaid on the images or videos. These are placed by the sole developers so that no one is able to steal their work without paying them. These marks can only be removed by paying for the premium version of the applications.

What is Meant By Watermark Free

This means that whenever you edit an image or a video and save it in your storage, it will not be overlaid with the watermark. This will make your work to look more professional. Mostly this watermark free is offered in premium unlocked version or gold unlocked version. The good news for you here is that we are offering the gold unlocked version which is watermark free.

Quick Steps to Install PicsArt MOD APK

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Uninstall Previously Installed PicsArt MOD APK

  • Go to The Settings & Tap on Apps.
  • Find PicsArt Application & Click it.
  • Tap Uninstall.
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Download PicsArt MOD APK

  • Download Latest Version of PicsArt Gold APK from our Website
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Enabling The “Unknown Sources”

  • Go to The Settings.
  • Select “Apps & Security” Option in Settings.
  • Enable The “Unknown Sources” by Clicking it.
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Locating The “APK File”

  • Open File Manager on Your Phone.
  • Go to The “Downloads” Folder/Section.
  • You Will Find PicsArt MOD APK Here.
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Tap on The APK File to Start The Installation Process.

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Open The PicsArt Application

  • Once The Application is Installed. Open the Application and then Allow it With All Permissions (i.e. Storage, Contacts etc).
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Make Sure That You Have Installed The Latest Version of PicsArt MOD Apk

Features of PicsArt MOD APK

Use the incredible features of the gold unlocked version of PicsArt MOD APK, as we go deep into the captivating details that make it an essential tool for uncovering your creativity.

Watermark Free

A common standardized version can not remove the watermark from the background of images and videos. These watermarks are bothersome and they create an unprofessional impression on people mind when they see this stuff. Fortunately, with the PicsArt Mod APK offered by us you will have the freedom to remove or add watermarks according to your own preference. Resulting in the quick demonstration of your editing skills to the world without the presence of PicsArt logo or sign.

Advance Image Remix

This application provides sophisticated features. The special image remix function enables you to continuously create unique and fresh content. By incorporating the free edit image and infusing your own personal touch on it will create a distinctive image remix which will truly reflect your creativity.

Dedicated Community

This features serves as the versatile social media platform where you can benefit from the work of other skilled photographers. This provides you an alternative space to showcase your creative endeavors. This community platform gives you the opportunity to expand and foster your community which is based on your editing skills. You might encounter with the people who appreciate your unique talent and are like-minded people.

No Ads

In the simple version of editors users always encounter with a abundant ads and notifications which are displayed at the bottom or to watch videos if they want to unlock a specific feature. With this gold unlocked version you will overcome this hindrance hence keeping your focus intact. Ads free version can eliminate those frequent ads problem and you can experience a significant boost in your productivity. You can reach new heights in this respect field.

AI Image Generator

It helps you to convert your text in to image in just mere seconds. All you have to do is just to write a detail description of what you want to create and enjoy the magic stuff.

Background Eraser

There are many cases in which it is absolute necessary to remove unwanted elements from the background of an image. This powerful feature helps to remove those elements by using a brush tool and moving this on this on the items that needs removal. PicsArt camera enables the users to capture captivating photos with the live effects.

Premium Assets Unlocked

While you access the advanced features of the PicsArt Gold version it always require a subscription which is mostly paid. But with this version you can unlock the premium stickers, removers, background & image retouching effortlessly and without any obstacles. You will have the complete access to a huge pile of texts, filters and library of stickers.

AI Photo Editing

If you are ready to make a breakthrough in your designs then AI Image editing is always there to offer its help. Just tap the AI editor and see the creativity and the power of this artificial intelligence tool.

AI Background

This AI tools decides on its own and generates the background for a picture which is suitable. You can also describe by writing and AI background will generate the background as per your requirements.

AI Image Enhance

With this function you can increase the resolution of the images. This also improves the clarity of the images and reveals even the tiny details which any picture contains.

Collage Maker

You can select maximum 10 picture and this tool will make collage of different styles. You may choose accordingly.

Sticker Maker

You can upload your image on the application and then you can select from the available list of sticks. This tool will incorporate you inside that beautiful sticker.

Poster Maker

Now you can create posters for your business or any campaign. This lets you edit as per your needs.

Business Card Maker

You can create your business cards which might look professional and attractive.

Image Quality Retouching

Automated enhancement of your pictures with just one single click. It will transform your picture to perfection with enhancing every details with perfection.

Multiple Layers & Image Masks

If you want to customize the different parts of your pictures separately without changing the other section on which customization is not required now you can achieve this by adding more layers to your pictures and then editing the one’s you need.

More Features of PicsArt MOD APK

  • Numerous FX Effects
  • Addition of Extra Details in Pictures
  • Cropping Shapes From Photos
  • AI Scan for Background Removal
  • Background Changer
  • Changing the Eye Size Accurately
  • Skin Color Replacement
  • Gridline Camera Application
  • Sports Media Community
  • Clipart Available
  • Change Your Hair Color
  • Crop Any Area in Image
  • Buttons for Call Out
  • Add Text To Photos
  • Copy, Trim & Paste in Videos
  • Stickers Library
  • Plenty of Frames
  • Lens Flash Options

Download PicsArt for PC: Unleash Your Creativity on the Big Screen!

Looking to elevate your photo editing game? Look no further! Download PicsArt for PC, the ultimate creative toolkit for art enthusiasts and photographers alike. This powerful application allows you to transform your ordinary photos into stunning works of art with its extensive collection of filters, effects, and tools. Seamlessly switch between your PC and mobile device using your PicsArt account to access all your edits effortlessly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, PicsArt’s user-friendly interface empowers you to explore boundless possibilities and unleash your creativity on the big screen. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary editing experience – download PicsArt for PC now and embark on a journey of artistic brilliance!

Download PicsArt for Windows iOS: Elevate Your Photo Editing Experience!

Looking to supercharge your photo editing skills on your Windows iOS device? PicsArt is your go-to solution! Seamlessly compatible with Windows iOS, PicsArt offers a powerful suite of editing tools that let you transform ordinary photos into stunning works of art. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this user-friendly app opens up a world of creative possibilities right at your fingertips.

With an extensive collection of filters, effects, and advanced editing features, PicsArt provides endless opportunities to express your unique vision. Easily download PicsArt on your Windows iOS device and discover the joy of exploring your creativity on the go.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join a thriving community of artists, photographers, and enthusiasts who share their masterpieces and inspire one another. Download PicsArt for Windows iOS today, and let your imagination take flight as you create visual wonders that leave a lasting impression!

Pros & Cons of PicsArt MOD APK


  • Enhanced Features: PicsArt MOD APK offers an array of premium features, usually available only in the paid version. Unleash your creativity with access to exclusive editing tools, filters, and effects.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Bask in uninterrupted creativity! The MOD version ensures an ad-free environment, allowing you to focus solely on perfecting your images.
  • Free Access: Enjoy all the MOD enhancements without spending a penny! This version grants you free entry to the app’s extended capabilities.
  • No Watermarks: Bid farewell to unwanted watermarks on your creations. The MOD APK ensures your artwork remains untainted by any branding.
  • Premium Content Unlocked: Delve into an extensive collection of stickers, fonts, backgrounds, and other premium content without any limitations.


  • Security Risks: Downloading MOD APKs from unofficial sources may expose your device to potential security threats or malware.
  • App Stability: MOD versions might not undergo rigorous testing like the official app, leading to occasional crashes or bugs.
  • Voiding Warranties: Using MOD APKs may void your device’s warranty, leaving you liable for any repairs or replacements.
  • Updates Delay: Unlike the official app, MOD versions might not receive timely updates, missing out on new features and improvements.
  • Legal Implications: Unauthorized use of modified apps might violate copyright laws, leading to legal consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PicsArt MOD APK, and how can I download it for Android?
    PicsArt MOD APK is a modified version of the popular photo editing app PicsArt, offering additional features and functionalities. To download it for Android, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the official website and locate the "Download" section.
    2. Click on the Android download link.
    3. Enable "Unknown Sources" in your Android settings to install the APK file.
    4. Open the downloaded APK and follow the on-screen instructions to install PicsArt MOD on your device.
  • Is GetPicsArt MOD safe for my Android device?
    Yes, PicsArt MOD is safe to use if downloaded from a reliable source. Ensure you download it from a Our trusted website to avoid any security risks or malware.
  • Can I get PicsArt for PC?
    Yes, PicsArt is available for PC, allowing you to edit photos and create stunning artwork on your computer. To get PicsArt for PC, follow these steps:
    1. Click the Link on Our Website For Microsoft Store to Download it on your Windows PC.
    2. Search for "PicsArt" in the store.
    3. Click "Install" to download and install the app.
  • What are the key features of PicsArt MOD APK for Android?
    PicsArt MOD APK offers several enhanced features compared to the regular version, including:
    1. Ad-free experience
    2. Premium filters and effects
    3. Unlocked creative tools
    4. Access to exclusive stickers and backgrounds
    5. High-resolution image export
  • Can I use PicsArt on my iOS device?
    Yes, PicsArt is available for iOS devices, allowing you to unleash your creativity and edit photos on the go. You can find it on the App Store and download it for free.
  • Are there any in-app purchases in PicsArt MOD APK?
    No, PicsArt MOD APK offers all its features and premium content for free, without the need for any in-app purchases.
  • How frequently is PicsArt MOD updated?
    PicsArt MOD is regularly updated to ensure users have access to the latest features and improvements. Check our official website or the source from which you downloaded the APK to stay up-to-date with the latest version.
  • How Much is the Subscription Cost of PicsArt?
    There are few plans available on this application which are mentioned below:
    1. It is offering a 7 days free Trials.
    2. Monthly Plan which is 550 PKR (Pakistani Rupee), equals to Almost 1.92 USD.
    3. Yearly Plan which is 3300 PKR (Pakistani Rupee), equals to 11.50 USD.
  • Is is must to sign up in this application to use extra features?
    No, there is no need to sign up with your email address if you are not willing to do it because you can almost use all the premium features in this mod application without and sign up and free of cost.

User Reviews

Salman: I love this website. I got all the features ready unlocked. Simply awesome.
Samantha: I am so impressed with this website and the application PicsArt Mod APK it is offering. The range of premium features available for free is mind-blowing. My photos have never looked this stunning before. Thank You!
Abigail: Five stars are not enough to rate the PicsArt Mod APK you just provided. I stumbled upon this gem while searching for premium photo editing tools, and boy, was I blown away! The features your website unlocks are a game-changer, and I appreciate the effort you’ve put into making this accessible to everyone. My photos now have that professional touch. Special thanks to you.
Augusta: Fantastic photo editing tools. Thanks for the PicsArt Mod APK, your website is a treasure trove for creative enthusiasts.
Emelia: Wow! PicsArt Mod APK features are mind-blowing. Your website is the ultimate source for photo editing magic!


Unlock your creative potential with PicsArt’s powerful features, as we’ve explored in detail above. Begin your editing journey with this exceptional application and take advantage of unlimited access to premium resources, all at no cost.

Whether you’re a seasoned editor or a newcomer to the field, PicsArt Premium APK is the perfect choice to kickstart your career. Its immersive features deliver stunning results, while the user experience remains unparalleled.

Don’t hesitate any longer – the wait is over! Download the 100% working PicsArt Premium Mod APK from the link provided above and experience the impressive editing traits right on your phone or tablet with ease. We value your feedback, so please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Embrace your creativity, enhance your photos, and join the vibrant community of PicsArt users to elevate your editing skills to new heights. Let your imagination run wild and create breathtaking visual masterpieces with the help of PicsArt’s cutting-edge tools and resources. Happy editing!


Download PicsArt MOD APK Premium Unlocked Version. PicsArt Gold is Provided To You With 100% Ad-free Experience, VIP Access, No Watermarks & Premium Features Unlocked.

Play Store Rating
Operating SystemAndroid 6+
Application CategoryMultimedia
Price CurrencyUSD
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